Getting Ready to Depart . . . Again

It was our goal to leave again on June 9th to begin summer travel.  We had three rallies scheduled, in Ohio, Indiana and Michigan from June 19th through July 7th.  Then we were off on another western swing.

I spent a week or more simply trying to find someone who would fix the RV.  Starting with our selling dealer, I went through a list of known names and referrals, but everyone was booked weeks ahead.  After all, it was the start of the normal season.  I finally found a shop north of us that promised to look at it on May 29.

I had a date on May 18 to meet with Anna to discuss this website.  I learned in advance, however, that Dot had a second 75th birthday surprise party scheduled that day.  So I dutifully spent two hours with Anna and drove home with feigned surprise.   Actually, there were wonderful surprises, in the form of friends and family who traveled from as far away as California to attend.  Bummed as I was, I still found enjoyment Dot’s special handiwork.

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