Cabot, Arkansas – second visit. May 30 – June 13, 2012

This will be a short one, folks, in spite of the length of time.  Cabot is the home of our dear friend, Pat Boggs, a Schipperke breeder and trainer – and maven — without limit.  There’s not a moment of any day when she’s not thinking Schip, except for those she spends taking care of her dear and patient husband, Ray.  She has up to two dozen or more pups  in residence perpetually, in an elaborate yard and indoor system.  She trains obedience for the Little Rock Kennel Club and also trains agility and search and rescue independently.  She’s recently built a facility on her own premises. 

We stopped here to kill two birds with one stone.  The week of June 3-9  was my annual teaching gig at the John C. Campbell Folk School in southwestern North Carolina, and it was reachable from there in a rented car.  Meanwhile, Dot would have an opportunity to spend quality time with one of her favorite gurus.  Two of our pups need care, and Pat and her vet helped Dot understand just what should be done.  We also had a thought about filling our empty crate with one of Pat’s gang, but we left without one, being more interested in finding a real rescue.  (More on that to come!)

I took two days to drive the 600 miles to Brasstown, but made it back in one day – over-anxious to see Dot and the kids.  In the past, I’ve always had a full house of eight students, but until the eleventh hour, I only had three this year.  Fortunately, two more signed up late, and even more fortunately, I managed to put enough supplies together for the extras.  So it was a worthwhile session; all of my students completed the two Nantucket Lightship Baskets assigned to them. 

The Campbell School is a respite; 255 acres buried in the tail end of the Smoky Mountains, rustic housing (with electric and plumbing, of course!), incredible home-cooked meals and inspiring entertainment when class is not in session.  Just the escape is worth the cost for students  – or the moderate income that they bless me with!   They hold over 800 classes a year in anything you can imagine – not just crafts but music, writing, fine arts, dancing, woodworking, blacksmithing . . . what’s on your mind?  Please go to for the full story.  (And keep in mind that my next class is in May, 2013!)

That’s it, folks, for this chapter.  See you at the next stop.

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