SchipNic in San Dimas: November 18-21, 2011

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Marlee Barnes, who lives in San Dimas, is an active participant in Dot’s primary Schipperke chat line. Knowing we’d be in the neighborhood, she put together a SchipNic for us to attend. The campground was huge, with street loops among the sloping hills and a large lower level part way down the high cliff on which it was perched. Our site was huge and grassy, a most pleasant place for both two and four legged critters. Less than a mile away, in full view, was a very active small craft airport; watching the traffic was fun and not noisy. Marlee and Tom’s house was beyond the airport, actually visible when you knew where to look. It’s the outer limits of the greater L.A. area.

They enticed two other Schip families to join us: Ken and Angie Kovota and Lynn Brown, along with one of Lynn’s friends. Ken was shepherding Lynn’s “new to her” trailer, just purchased and full of things to figure out. Lynn is a prolific Schip person, both in breeding and rescue. She also runs a chat line of her own.

We merged our canine families – a total of ten dogs – as best as they would let us. More important, we had a wonderful opportunity to compare notes on everything Schip and non-Schip. On Saturday night, we had a fabulous cookout, with Ken doing the cooking honors and Angie providing many other ingredients, including margarita popsicles! We all chipped in dishes of our own. Ken had two work lights that gave us enough illumination for the buffet, and he also had a portable chimera that provided both warmth and light around the later campfire. The following morning, we reciprocated with breakfast at our place. All in all, a very pleasant outing with fond memories.

On to Thanksgiving!

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