Home Base in Livingston: November 15-27, 2010

Our plan was to head south through Waco and San Antonio on the way to winter quarters.  Two things redirected our route.  Continued computer headaches made
it desirable to visit a reliable source, and we had one in Livingston, TX.  And a desire for “family for at least one holiday led us to planning to stay in Livingston for Thanksgiving.

As you may remember, Livingston is the home of the leading organization serving the needs of full time RVers:  Escapees.  We are members, of course. Escapees is our “address;” all of our mail goes there and they forward it to us on request.  The organization is much more than that.  They own campgrounds where
members own deeded lots and build very efficient hybrids.  In Livingston, they have an extensive constant care facility.  They have campground deals in many other spots, and they and their members organize events from a rally to a trip to Greek islands.  Most of all, they have camaraderie.

So we dropped anchor there for a couple of weeks and had a great time.  Nine months earlier, a local (totally honest and skilled) geek got rid of a virus in Dot’s machine.  I put Chip to work on my machine; he replaced a malfunctioning keyboard and tuned it up as best he could.  It was working when we left Livingston.

Meanwhile, we attended not only two of the most opulent Thanksgiving dinners we’d ever eaten (Friday’s leftover gathering made the board groan just as much as
Thursday’s real thing), but also Attended the Livingston kickoff to the Christmas season.  In between, we also visited the County Historical Museum.  This, and a few maintenance items, made the time fly quickly.

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