A Mission in Missouri: October 2-16, 2010

Back we tracked through the Show-Me state for a singular purpose: bring a little six year old mistreated Schipperke into our lives. We parked in a campground in Moscow Mills, close to Dot’s cousins, and drove down to meet Schipperke angel Michele Kasten of Midwest Schipperke Rescue near St. Louis. Schip-Dude’s full story is detailed on our primary website, schipperhaven.org. To brief it here, he was abused in multiple ways by his previous owner. His left leg was broken and not attended to for over a year, and he adapted to a three legged lifestyle. He has a hairless streak down his back where someone burned him with acid. When he was removed from his environment, he came into the hands of Michele, one of the best Schip Angels in the country. Noting his “no issues” spirit, she convinced the national Schipperke Trust that he was worthy of reclamation and they agreed to fund reconstruction of his bad leg.

We took this couple of weeks to get used to the therapy he required and introduce him to the other guys. It was a totally “up” time. Then, after an overnight in Sedalia, we again headed west to pick up our travels in Kansas.

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