More Schips in Cabot, Arkansas: April 2-5, 2010

Cabot is about 15 miles north of Little Rock, and it’s the home of Pat and Ray Boggs.  Pat has dedicated her life to Schipperkes.  Their home is located on five acres off a semi-rural street, with a labyrinthian network of dog runs behind it.  Her current count is 24. She breeds them for show, but even more for the special arts of service and search and rescue.  One of her dogs has been known to identify the location of a body at the bottom of a 100+ foot deep lake.  She is also a prolific rescuer, Schip medical expert and obedience trainer.

Two of Dot’s other network friends were at Pat’s house – with their dogs of course!  Cathy Lytle from Anchorage, Alaska came down to have knee replacement surgery done in Little Rock with Pat serving as recovery maven and dog sitter for her six.  Jean Brenner, from upstate New York, was also at Pat’s with her collection of three Schips.  Add our four, and the canine population on site was 37.

We just squeezed into Pat’s driveway and were able to hook up water, standard household electricity (about 30% of our capacity) and our satellite TV antenna.  Dot spent most of her visit in dog-talk with the gang.  Don mostly caught up on chores.  We shared three nights of wonderful pot-luck, each night’s leftovers providing the seed for the next night’s dinner!

We tearfully bid adieu to Cabot, and, with liquids “a pint a pound the world around,”   we crept along to an oasis where we could empty our holding tanks!

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