Gracie and Melody

On Sunday, May 26, the other shoe fell.  After receiving a clean bill of health from her vet just three days earlier, our beloved Gracie suddenly crossed the Rainbow Bridge.  She was lethargic, slept most of the day, and began bleeding in the late afternoon.  Dot rushed her to an emergency vet, but she died on the way.   It was doubly unexpected — Gracie, our retired champion who had  just turned 15, came from a strong lifeline.

We’ve decided that Gracie was the victim of an undetectable colon or intestinal cancer.  Such a condition is not unknown.  Recognizing a cause, however, did very little to salve the uncontrollable grief that Dot felt – and I shared.  Gracie was the closest to the center of Dot’s heart.  Willie also died quite unexpectedly in 2010; the pair joined our family within a couple of months of each other in 2007, and they constituted Dot’s team, while Ted and Allie were my team.

Dot was dangerously depressed.  Without letting her know, I sent an urgent plea to six of my closest Schipperke “resources” – rescuers and breeders alike.  Within 48 hours, I was blessed with an offer of another champion in search of a retirement home.  Melody CH Sheradin’s Summer Rhapsody – was a month short of seven.  She was infertile, and Diane Harris, her breeder,  felt she would be much happier in a smaller Schip environment.

There were more surprises:

Tanner was a very successful champion from Tom and Carol Luke’s kennel in Illinois. Tanner was Gracie’s father  and Melody’s great- grandfather!

Diane’s beloved Thumper was a renowned champion until his death at 18 in 2010. Thumper was Gracie’s step-brother – and Melody’s grandfather!

So you can see why we had extra hope that Melody could significantly ease Dot’s pain.  On June 9, she drove to Tennessee to bring Melody to her new home.  They bonded quickly and have continued to do so.

We continue to openly adore Gracie and all the others who’ve gone before us.  She is aboard on our bedroom dresser — along with Barnacle, Teddy, Serena and Willie —  in their tiny boxes, each topped with a Schip angel.

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  1. I think I can shed some light on your beloved Gracie’s untimely passing. I had a 13-1/2 yo boy that I rescued when he was just 9 months old. He had a hemandiosarcoma, which causes hemorrhaging, and when it is detected, it is already too late. It is an insidious disease and there is no cure and no reason why this disease is affecting so many dogs and cats. My boy was lethargic all day, and he too had just had a clean bill of health, then one day he had a seizure and took him in and they did an ultrasound and found the hemangiosarcoma. He obviously had it for years, as it is slow growing.

    I lost my other Schipperke, my beloved Starr, (Casey was the boy) and I’d had her ever since she was 12 weeks old. She lived to the ripe old age of 16-1/2 and passed from kidney disease. I honestly feel that the accupuncture that I got her and her Chinese herbs the last 9 months of her life, gave her so much more quality than I think she would have had and I aso believe she would not have made it to almost 17 wo the accupuncture.

    Now, the happy part! While I was grieving I just one evening went on the internet and found a rescue organization called Cannine Estates in Palm Garden, Florida ( I’m in Atlantic Beach, FL) and they had a pix of a little guy they said was a Schip-mix, well I took one look at him and sent his pix to my friend Barb Lewis in Valdosta and she immediately called me and said, “That is no mix that boy is 100% Schip!” His name is Cracker Jack and he’s a senior, and I adopted him. He has 6 teeth and he is a doll baby! I believe he comes from a very good blood line. He came to me with a clean tail dock, and no dew claws, and beautiful confirmation, and it appeared he was obedience trained. He does not bark at all (except at the cat, does not like cats), we are like peas and carrots, he sleeps right next to me at night, we’re like peas in a pod at night. I adore him! His journey has been a long one, he was in rescue for 15 months, no body wanted this little fella so I honestly feel that he was meant for me. He’s had a journey though! At the vet almost every week with something first it was an ulcer from dry eye in his eye and nose, then he had an allergic reaction to NextGuard, then my vet noticed he had a “spot” on his tummy that looked suspisious, which turned out to be a plasmacytoma, a benign skin tumor, if let got would have turned into something more serious, then he got a respiratory infection, then he got gastroenteritis, he was a sick boy with that……… so far now since January it’s been smooth sailing, through it all he’s been a real trooper. We don’t know how he is, but however long he has he will have a furr-ever home with me, and get an abundance of love. He is a true companion and has made the passing of my beloved Casey and Starr manageable. Starr-Bear was my girl, she was smart and funny, and such a diva! Cracker well he’s not that smart, he’s just sweet and lovable and loves me. So, I understand and kndow what it’s like to have these little black furr babies steal your heart. I lost two in a matter of two years. I just think that we need to change the thinking of adopting seniors, they have a lot of love to giv, especially to senior humans, and adopting a senior is so rewarding…………………….I think somehow they know.

    Happy travels!

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