Another State Park – this one Pre-Columbian

The Crystal River Archeological State Park evidences the efforts of Native Americans who lived here in the 16th century.  The area, however, was actually settled more than 2,500 years ago, a time when the river system had matured enough to support a sedentary population.

The 61 acre site consists of a half-dozen mounds and a vista of open ground looking out to the River.  The largest mound, with a platform on its top, is a temple.  The others are burial mounds.  Also at the site is a midden, or dumping area for remnants of living – perhaps our equivalent of a garbage dump.  An unexpected addition are two steles, or limestone slabs.  One clearly depicts  a face, while the other appears to be undecipherable.  The site, an exceptionally calm place to walk and reflect, also included an artifact-laden visitors center.  It’s a worthwhile stop.

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